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Sunday, 2 July 2017


* Disclaimer: This blog post is NOT sponsored & I am not a fashion nova affiliate * 

If you're a frequent Youtube and Instagram user you have probably heard of the online clothing brand Fashion Nova.

They are an American based clothing brand and they sell trendy high street fashion online at affordable prices www.fashionnova.com. The also cater for "Curvy" and "Plus-size" women. 

After seeing a million look-books on Youtube I decided to take the plunge and try it out for my self.
I'll admit I was very skeptical in terms of quality and sizing. 

I mean online shopping can be a risk at times because you may not get what you were hoping for or the clothes may not fit like they do on the pictured models and you end up getting dissapointed. 

It wasn't the case though here because all of the things I ordered fit perfectly and they are of decent quality in my opinion. The bonus was that I got a discount and ended up paying +R800 for  4 items

Discount (code: M30): $-23.38 USD
Subtotal  : $54.58 USD
Shipping  : $10.00 USD
Total     : $64.58 USD

 i.e this dress, a jumpsuit, a pencil skirt and a pair of faux leather leggings. 

Can you believe it ?? I mean R800 can only get you one dress  in most local "high street" stores over here.

My order was shipped the next day & It took about 9 days (incl. the weekend) to get the parcel and luckily my shipment was marked low value by customs.

I did a wash test and the clothes remained intact and came out looking the same (be prepared for a dye run in the wash though) 

I'm so happy with the items I got that I will def be shopping there again soon so I can also bring you guys a full fashion nova look book.

But for now you can enjoy the visuals of this "your needs met" dress 

* The dress can be found here *


  1. Such a lovely dress & it fits you so well! I actually hadn't heard about FashionNova, I'll be checking them out and 9 days is not a lot for shopping.

    1. Yup its very reasonable, thanks Lu